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We support for overseas crew who want to shooting in Japan.

Tokyo Fixers is a one-stop production service company for your film projects in Japan.
We are part of Gazebo Film, a Japanese film production company with extensive experience filming both in Japan and overseas.

We understand that collaborating with a great team of fixers is essential to a project’s success. We go beyond simply fulfilling our client’s requests. In addition to ensuring a smooth filming process, we treat your project as our own, working passionately by your side from beginning to end, devoting ourselves to bringing your project to its full potential.

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Gazebo Film Inc.

Business activities : Film production including producing, planning, direction, casting, production services, etc.

Founded : June 1, 2007

CEO : Nobuyuki Bob Miyake

Address : 2-21-22 Kitazawa, Suite 401, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo 155-0031 Japan

Tel : +81 3-5787-5660
Mail : info@gazebofilm.jp

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